How To Be a Good English Teacher


Working to be the best English teacher is a great investment in your career, and it can be beneficial for all your students. So, whether you are a general English teacher or you teach the language to young learners, it is essential that you have all the skills you need.

Read on to find out about ten skills that every good English teacher needs – and how to acquire them.

  • Vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills

Obviously, once you start teaching English, you will need to keep improving your language skills. Therefore, you will need to undergo training courses that include intensive pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar lessons.

  • Skills and confidence to provide interesting lessons to your students

Teachers are like actors, so you will need to put on a show to get your students to focus on your lessons and keep them interested. Some people are not comfortable doing this, so you will need to find ways to keep your students learning, and you must be able to point them in the right direction. This means customising your lessons based on the needs and learning styles of your students.

  • Develop your own teaching materials

You may be using course textbooks in teaching English, but you must also find ways to develop your own teaching materials. These materials must be tailored to the learnings styles of your students. Therefore, these teaching materials must be able to challenge, engage, and encourage your students to English.

  • Assessment

As an English tutor, you must be great at assessing the progress, weaknesses and strengths of your students. This is the only way teachers can help students fill gaps in their knowledge and help them develop their language skills.

  • Mastery of your subject

If you want to be a specialist teacher in the English language, you need to have the knowledge and expertise to encourage students and help them learn the language better. This means having an extensive understanding of all aspects of your method so that you can create and oversee practical tasks that used in your tuition sessions, while also having specialised learning materials for your students.

  • The use of technology in your tuition sessions

Websites, interactive screens, and apps are part of your job as a teacher or tutor. You must use them correctly to aid your students in the learning process. That is why you must improve your skills in using this technology and set relevant technology up in all of your tuition sessions easily.