Improve Your English Through Reading

Reading books or articles can help improve your English because you are using your brain very actively. While writing is essential in the learning process, reading can also improve your proficiency in the English language. In fact, when you read text, you do the following things:

  • You will often imagine a scene in your head based on what you are reading.
  • You will try to understand what the writer is trying to say in the text.
  • You will either agree or disagree with the writer, so you will actively form your conclusion.

Advantages of Reading

There are many advantages associated with reading, and these include:

  • Learning vocabulary in context

When reading texts, you are likely to encounter new words so you will be prompted to learn the meaning of these words. This in turn will improve your vocabulary and increase the number of new words you can use in your own writing. You may not even need to use the dictionary because some words have an obvious meaning. You can often guess the meaning from the context of the sentence.

  • A model for writing

Another benefit of reading is that it gives you a good example for your writing. In fact, it will show you the expressions and structure that you can use when you write. Seeing correctly structured English with proper grammar can be beneficial, especially when you want to improve your grammar.

  • Reading at your own pace

You can read as slowly or as fast as you like, but it is ideal to read at least ten pages in 30 to 40 minutes. Although you can explore just one page in one hour to study a topic thoroughly. It really doesn’t matter; the choice is yours. This is one of the big advantages of reading because you can do it at your own pace.

  • Personal interest

Reading is also enjoyable because you can read something you like or choose a topic that interests you. Reading a book that you really like will improve your English and motivate you to finish it.

Overall, try to read something that is right to your level. This means reading a book that challenges you, but does not overwhelm you. A very technical book may not work because it may prompt you to stop too often to look in a dictionary. Reading that type of book can be cumbersome, and you may soon be discouraged to continue. If you feel that you need support with reading you may need tuition in Melbourne for English. Contact us today to learn more.