VCE English and ESL tuition

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is an academic achievement that many secondary school students accomplish in the final year of their schooling  in Victoria. It is also the most significant choice for most students who want to pursue tertiary education.

VCE units are completed throughout years years 11 and 12 of secondary education in Victoria; however, some students can start their VCE studies in year 10 or earlier if their school allows it. VCE subjects are typically composed of four units, with each unit covering one semester of study. Also, each unit may be composed of two to three outcomes. An outcome is the skills and knowledge students must demonstrate in order to successfully complete a unit.

On completing a unit, students are given a “Satisfactory” (S) or “Non-satisfactory” (N) result. Subjects are also scored upon completion and students are assigned an ATAR based on their percentile aggregate and how it compares with other Victorian students.

English Tutorial Services in Melbourne

For this reason, English Tutoring Melbourne offers its tutorial services with a tailored one-on-one learning experience either through in-person or online lessons. We have qualified and experienced primary and high school tutors in English, and we can provide you the ideal tutor based on a child’s specific learning needs.

Our VCE and ESL English tuition focus on the English language and how it is used to create meaning in both spoken and written content with varying complexity. Our tutors will also use selected literary texts from Australia and other cultures and present it to their students for further studies. This will enable students to develop their ability to create and analyse texts, moving from interpretation to critical analysis and reflection.

Our main goal is to help students extend their English language skills through listening, reading, thinking, viewing, and writing. This will enhance their enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of the English language both in its written, spoken, and multimodal form. They will also understand how values, culture, and context are used to construct texts and how it affects the interpretation and meaning of the content.

By the end of each tuition session, we assess our student’s progress and how they convey their ideas, observations, feelings, and interpretation through effective written and spoken English to a range of audiences.

Most importantly, our English tutors will help your child prepare for tests, exams, and will work with them on specific misconceptions within the subject. We can assure you that your child’s understanding, performance, and skills will significantly improve when working with our tutors.

Why choose us

We are the leading provider of qualified and experienced VCE English tutors in Melbourne, and all our tutors are meticulously picked during our screening and interview process. We can assure you that our tutors have had their ID verified and they have a Working with Children Certificate. We also cater to all year levels including primary, high school, Year 11 and Year 12.

If you want to learn more about us and the tutoring services we provide, you can call us via (03) 9021 3713.