Online Tutoring

Due to the pandemic and its effects on all academic institutions in Victoria, the need for online English tutoring in Melbourne has skyrocketed. In fact, the advances in technology have given us the means to leverage digital learning and the benefits of this breakthrough are endless and exciting.

It’s now accepted that online English tutoring is an emerging viable alternative.  So, online-based English tuition will provide parents with several advantages like choosing the right tutor for their child, and students can now learn English in the comfort of their own home.

Our interactive classroom includes the following features:

Simultaneous interactive whiteboard, video and audio share

This will allow both the tutor and student to communicate using video and audio on an interactive whiteboard. They can also write, type or draw on the whiteboard which is quite useful when the tutor is highlighting certain elements of a topic or the student might also point out some things on the whiteboard if they want more clarification.

Screen share

Our online classroom has a screen share feature like those in Zoom and Google Hangout, and it’s an important feature for VCE students. In fact, the tutor can easily share their screen as they give instructions and examples to their students. They may also use the screenshot feature, which is beneficial when documenting certain steps for future reference.

Document upload and download

The student and tutor can download or upload documents directly in the virtual classroom. Therefore, worksheets or screenshots of questions and other important docs can easily be uploaded by the tutor, and their students can download it anytime. Tutors can easily underline and define terms, or they can highlight questions on the screen, and their students can download these screenshots via the online classroom.

Access to video tutorials

Our online classroom can also allow students to access video tutorials on YouTube that students can use for further learning and help them with their assignments. This will ensure that our students will have all the means at their disposal to learn and be proficient in the English language.

Video tutorials

All the English tuition sessions will be recorded by the tutor so your child can quickly review them at a later time. This will give them the option to take notes or grasp a better understanding of the lessons while tackling assignments.


We provide flexible schedules

Online tutoring opens up several advantages for both students and tutors. In fact, parents and their children can select a tutor based on their individual learning needs and schedule. In addition, students can easily reschedule the day or time of their tuition session and their tutors are notified immediately of the new schedule. This will give our tutors the means to easily fit tutoring sessions into their schedules.

Overall, English digital classes can make learning fun for students, and tutors can quickly gauge their student’s progress via the interactive online classroom. Most importantly, online sessions are taught only by certified English teachers who have experience and knowledge within Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education topics.

Why online English tutoring a viable alternative to in-person tutoring?

Online English tutoring in Melbourne is a viable alternative since it can increase the velocity of learning, enhance engagement level, and even raise students’ confidence in this challenging subject.

Our interactive classroom will also allow students and their tutor to engage as though they are in the same room or sitting side by side. They both can write and draw on the screen as they tackle rules and concepts in the English language.