VCE Literature Tuition

Students in Melbourne who want to pursue their tertiary education must complete year 11 and 12 as well as acquire a satisfactory result in all the mandatory units. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is necessary to enter into higher education.

English is compulsory , and Literature is one of the options for VCE. However, one must understand that learning English is not a walk in the park, since there are several activities that students need to engage in, and these include listening, reading, and viewing several multimodal media. They will also delve into traditional oral texts, picture books, stories, rhyming verse, poetry, film, non-fiction, and dramatic performances.   

How can tutors help your child?

If you want to help your child learn and understand Literature in a more structured and efficient way, then you can hire a qualified tutor in Melbourne. In fact, your child will have a tailored one-on-one experience either through a digital class or in-person tuition.

The English tutor will be able to help your child develop his ability to create and analyse texts, moving from interpretation to critical analysis and reflection. Once your child acquires the necessary skills and improves their understanding of the subject through several tuition sessions, they will understand how culture, values, and context are used to construct texts and how this affects the interpretation and meaning of the content.

Our Literature Tuition 

Literature is a supplementary subject that student can take if they are interested. Our experienced and qualified English tutors can guide your child through Literature, and they will teach them how to examine formal texts, explore writers and speakers, and understand how audience might interpret their message. They will also learn the art of rhetoric and the proper use of figurative language.

 Your child will also learn how to examine formal language in spoken texts such as lectures, oaths, speeches, liturgies, monologues, and performances. They will understand the importance of paralinguistic features such as eye contact and gesture as well as prosodic cues such as stress, pitch, and intonation.

Students will investigate the range of ways formal language can be used for various social purposes. They will also understand how to build rapport and use multiple forms of formal language choices and utilised it to reinforce social distance and relationship hierarchies. They will know how to use jargon to bolster user’s authority and expertise or promote in-group solidarity.

Overall, our main goal is to help our students improve their English language skills so they can convey their ideas, observations, feelings, and interpretation more effectively to a range of audiences. Importantly, our tutors will help your child prepare for exams and quizzes, as well as working with them on various hard to understand areas of the language.

If you want to learn more about our VCE literature tutoring services, you can get in touch with us via (03) 9021 3713.