Primary School Tutoring

The English curriculum for primary schools in Victoria aims to build a better language foundation for students, so they can effectively communicate with their peers, teachers and other adults.

They are also required to engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They read, listen to and explore multimodal media. Not only is this entertaining, but it expands their vocabulary, as well as their ability to communicate in a variety of ways.

Students will also be provided the means to understand better punctuation, and how to use it in their writing correctly. They will also understand how spoken sounds and words can be written and how to use high-frequency words.

Students learn how to retell familiar literary texts through images, performance and use of illustrations. Students will be encouraged to create and explore short texts and report ideas as well as events using familiar words.

Lastly, under the English curriculum, students will develop the knowledge that that sounds in English are represented by upper and lower-case letters and can be written using letter formation patterns for each case.

Primary School Tutoring by Primary Trained Professionals

Teaching primary students is not as easy as it seems. In fact, tutors must have a lot of patience to teach young students, as well as a vast understanding of the progression of the curriculum so as not to leave any gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Primary school teachers understand not only what to teach, but how to teach and how to be in tune with your child’s learning needs, while making lessons engaging. That is why you need to check if a tutor is primary trained before you hire them for your Primary School English Tutoring needs.  

Although an essential qualification that an English tutor must possess is their comprehensive knowledge of the language and all conventions, they need to have an in-depth knowledge of the English curriculum in Victoria, and they must be capable of teaching all the essential topics and concepts under the curriculum.

Common sticking points for primary school students when learning English

When it comes to primary school students, the best approach is to focus on themes or topics each day. The most common sticking point for students is using correct grammar and continually expanding their vocabulary. Choosing topics that interest primary-aged learners such as food, parts of the body or animals assists with engagement and enjoyment.

The tutor must also look for new content that will engage their students like games and learning apps that they can access through their mobile devices.

Why your child might need a tutor

A qualified English tutor can provide a tailored one-on-one experience and a customised lesson plan based on your child’s specific learning needs. In fact, the tutor will help your child understand all the concepts and topics they have been struggling with at school.

The tutor will often require your child to undergo a simple quiz or oral assessment to determine their progress and spot misconceptions along the way. This will ensure that your child will reach a new level of competency in the English language.

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