Cost Of English Tutoring

Private Tutoring Melbourne Cost

The cost of English tutors in Melbourne varies depending on your child’s year level, subject and other specific needs, as well as the tutor you end up being connected with. Information about rates based on available tutors will be provided to you upon application. Please read the below information regarding qualifications and experience to determine the tutor qualification level you are seeking. 

Education Undergraduate

Education student tutors
$ $66 Per Session
  • These budding teachers have aspirations to work in an education setting and are learning everything they need to know to be teachers.
  • They are passionate about teaching and learning and are personable. They have a good understanding of the curriculum.
  • These tutors are learning an assortment of methods explicitly intended to assist students in their understanding of all mathematics concepts.

Qualified Teachers

Specialising in the General Subject Area
$ $88 Per Session
  • These tutors are professionals who have bachelor degrees in education making them qualified teachers.
  • Qualified teachers have experienced teaching and observing in many different schools as a requirement of their degree.
  • We recommend qualified teachers for students who find themselves struggling to keep pace with the class, testing more than six months behind the expected level, and for all students in years 11 and 12.



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