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Education Undergraduate Tutors

These are undergrad tutors who are studying education in a higher education setting. They are highly passionate about teaching and they are learning a variety of techniques, specifically aimed at helping students in Primary Schools and High Schools. These budding teachers are highly motivated and eager to help your children  improve their knowledge, skills, and understandings in their chosen subject areas. These Education students have also recently completed VCE and have a comprehensive understanding of the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education.

Qualified Teachers Specialising in the General Subject Area

These qualified and accredited English teachers have completed their undergraduate training. They have undergone extensive teacher training and taken part in various teaching placements in schools, implementing several English lessons at many levels. Many of these teachers are employed within private and government schools and have years of experience teaching in these schools. During their studies, they completed multiple education subjects and have developed specific teaching methods based on the needs of students in Melbourne.

Qualified Teachers specialising in the exact subject area requested

These teachers are also qualified and accredited, having completed their Bachelor of Education. They have experience teaching in schools within their teaching methods. Most importantly, they have had experience teaching the exact subject that your child requires. So, if your child needs help in developing their understanding of VCE English, then a specialist teacher is the most ideal tutor who can provide the most value to your child. 

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