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As tutors of English in Melbourne, we understand the pressure placed on teachers to complete all required topics within the curriculum. Due to the limited time available, teachers often rush through the content.

Not to mention the other extra-curricular activities in school, illnesses, and productions will surely set you and your classes behind time and time again. This is the main reason why so many teachers rush through their lessons, and it is difficult to spend the time required for each student to gain a broad and meaningful understanding of the content and concepts presented to them.

This is why English tutors play a vital role in Melbourne since they can help students reach their full potential and be proficient in English through targeted one on one lessons. Our mission is to create individualised lessons that will guide students to recognise their strengths and scaffold confusing rules and concepts in the English language. This will ultimately assist them as they build a well-rounded understanding of every topic in this subject.

Our Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Exam Preparation and tuition sessions are aim to give your child a thorough understanding of the more difficult English topics within the curriculum. In fact, we provide our students the tools and advice they need to prepare for their SAC’s and exams. We also assist them individually with other English topics that they find difficult.

Also, our English tutors have a Victorian Institute of Teaching accreditation or working with children’s check, so we can guarantee that our tutors will uphold the Department of Education’s values.

Responsiveness – We respond and provide our students’ specific need and adjust our lessons and teaching style based on their individual learning needs. This will ensure that they have a better avenue for improvement as they learn the English language’s intricacies.

Integrity – One of our main goals is to develop effective professional relationships with students, based on mutual trust and respect. We are always fair, reliable and honest so that students can rely on us to follow through with our commitments. We are motivated to help students reach their academic goals while also gaining confidence and enthusiasm.

Respect – As experienced tutors, we know the value of respect so we always take into consideration the feelings, rights, and needs of both students and parents during each tuition session.

Impartiality – We are always fair and understand each student’s individuality, so we respond based on their individual needs. You can be sure that our tutors will treat each student with impartiality, and they will guide them based on their current knowledge and skills.

Accountability – We know the importance of communication so we always talk to our students and their parents. Our tutors will explain the progress of their students and the steps that need to be taken to improve their proficiency in using the English language. We are always transparent, and we know that parents have the right to know each tuition session’s result.

Commitment to human rights – We can also guarantee that our tutors will uphold their students’ rights and will always do their best to make their students feel secure, safe, happy, and respected.

Leadership – As English tutors, we will lead our students to success in each tuition session, and we will help them understand each difficult concepts and rules in the English language.

Private tutoring – We urge you to fill in a contact form or call us today. Our qualified and experienced tutors are ready to assist you in any of your tutoring needs. Our main goal is to connect you with a tutor to suit your educational needs and budget. Upon application, our tutors provide us with thorough information relevant to their suitability for the position, including qualifications, accreditation, experience and rates.

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