VCE English Language Tuition

Students who want to pursue tertiary education must first complete their Year 11 and 12 under the Victorian Curriculum and acquire their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The VCE is commonly taught in secondary education and composed of a minimum of four units. Each unit covers one semester of study, and it’s composed of two to three outcomes.

Outcomes are the skills and knowledge students must demonstrate once they have completed a unit. So, if they want to move up to higher education, they need a satisfactory result and sometimes even a minimum ATAR score, depending on their tertiary aspirations.  

English is mandatory while completing VCE

The study of the English is an essential requirement when completing VCE, and students should first take ESL if English is their second language, otherwise they can readily take conventional English, or English language. This subject will enable students to develop further and refine their writing, reading, and spoken English. In fact, students are required to learn about public and personal discourses in workplaces, social and trades groups. They will also learn how to use their analytical skills and improve their understanding of linguistics.

In addition, students are expected to study publications, public commentary, and various forms of texts. This will widen their knowledge of how language functions in different fields like sciences, arts, politics, law, trades, and education. Also, the study supports language-related fields such as speech and reading therapy, psychology, journalism, and philosophy. Most importantly, students will learn how to employ English in other communication-related fields, including information and communication technology solutions or programs.

The role of English tutors

English tutors have a significant role in the learning process since they help students extend their English language skills through reading, listening, thinking, viewing, and writing. Once students develop their understanding of the English language, they will enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of the subject. This will give them the capability to understand how values, culture, and context are used on texts and how it affects the interpretation and meaning of the content.

Tutors will also be able to assess the progress of their students and how they convey their ideas, feelings, observation, and interpretation through effective spoken and written English. In fact, they will give timely reports and feedback to parents on how well their children are doing during  English tuition sessions.

Most importantly, tutors will be able to provide the necessary assistance to better prepare their students for exams and assessments required by their or school or VCAA. They will even work with them on specific areas of understanding they are struggling with while working through English language. This will ensure that their student will significantly improve their understanding and skills within the subject, which will reflect on how they convey their ideas and feelings through written and spoken English.

Why choose us

English tutors Melbourne provides qualified and experienced English tutors who have passed our meticulous hiring process. We can guarantee you that we have verified their ID, and all of them have a Working with Children Certificate or VIT accreditation. We also provide online tutoring, which is an excellent option during these times, as many of us are anxious about the health of our families.

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