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English Tutoring Melbourne offers our professional, online, private education for your child. Our highly experienced, qualified and accredited private instructors are ready to help your child improve their understanding and knowledge of the English language within the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Our tutors will come to your home so your child will become more confident and competent in English, in the comfort of your own home. This will ensure that they get all the help they need to cope up with their schoolwork as the demands of school and life increase. We can assist students in all secondary levels and we can also provide assistance to students in primary levels. Learn more about our company.

Our company understands that many parents cannot drive their children to and from tuition sessions, and we also know that parents feel more secure and comfortable being present during tuition sessions in their home.

Some students become overwhelmed by the amount of content being presented to them in their English classes, and find it difficult to fully understand every aspect of the curriculum. It often feels like they are not given sufficient time and support they need to complete and understand certain topics in English.

In fact, English is a challenging subject for many students in Melbourne and they need a one on one help with their homework and classwork, to avoid falling behind or losing motivation. Some students become so frustrated that they avoid their English school and homework tasks, causing them to fall further behind.. The English curriculum involves many topics that intertwine, along with some confusing rules. So, even though teachers try their best to explain all these difficult concepts, the time constraints constantly force them to move on when it is unlikely that each student has grasped and understood the topics thoroughly.

So, if your child is one of those students who feel like they are being left being or are not getting the results they hope for, you may need a dedicated English tutor who can help them gain confidence and keep with the class.

Most importantly, our tutors are not only proficient in English themselves, but have backgrounds and/or aspirations in education.


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Background, experience and qualifications of our tutors

English home educators come from a variety of backgrounds to suit your tutoring needs and will charge a rate depending on the qualifications and experience.

We offer 3 different types of tutors:

Education Undergraduate Tutors

Qualified Teachers Specialising in the General Subject Area

Qualified Teachers specialising in the exact subject area requested


Individualised assistance with English is our speciality

As we become familiar with students’ interests and strengths, we are able to link explanations to familiar scenarios and create tasks which in tune with their interests. Our tutors can explore concepts and topics thoroughly with students, giving them a chance to explore in their unique way, thus gaining greater understanding.

We aim to establish long term student-teacher partnerships who meet regularly at a mutually convenient time and location in Melbourne. This is important for both the tutor and the student. Consistency is a really important aspect of our profession. Seeing a teacher regularly will improve your chances of continued success in the subject(s) you require assistance with.

The tutor will become familiar with your learning styles, interests and strengths. As they develop this knowledge, they will be able to provide more targeted, specific lessons which will allow your child to reach their academic potential. This is also important for our tutors, as they will be able to form a working routine and expect consistent income.

Get Connected with an Expert English Tutor

Private Tutoring with a Difference in Melbourne

Once we’ve set a meeting with you, we will require you to answer several questions which aims to gather as much information about your needs. This will include your goals, the teaching style you expect from a tutor, your availability and budget. We will then pair you with a suitable tutor based on your requirements.

In fact, we have a meticulous hiring process since we require our tutoring applicants to provide us with details about their qualifications, accreditation, experience and rates. We will also ask them about their teaching style, availability and preferences. This will ensure that we will meet all the learning needs of our clients.

Also, all our English tutors have a Victorian Institute of Teaching accreditation or working with children’s check. 

We guarantee that our English tutors will uphold the department of educations values which include the following:

Responsiveness – We respond to the specific needs of our students, and we are willing to adjust our teaching style and lessons to provide them with a better avenue for improvement. That is why we react appropriately based on the student’s unique situation.

Respect – We value and respect the rights, feelings and needs of both the parents and students during each interaction. We never act in a manner that will jeopardise the rights of our clients.

Integrity – Our primary goal is to help our students improve their skills and understanding of the English language. Our tutors are trustworthy and fair, always endeavouring to do what is best for our clients, while following through on all commitments. 

Impartiality – We understand that each student is unique, so we respond to their individual needs. Our tutors will treat their students with impartiality, and they will help them based on their current skill set and knowledge.

Leadership – We will lead our student towards confidence and success in all our tuition sessions. 

Accountability – We will communicate regularly with our students and their parents, sharing the results of tuition sessions and details about the work we are completing. We can be relied on to complete preparation tasks and be available for all planned sessions.

Commitment to human rights – As tutors, we believe that our students have the right to feel safe, secure, happy and respected.