Tips to Improve Your Child’s English

It is believed that children’s proficiency in both spoken and written English can help them succeed in the current globalised world. So, it is essential that we guide them from a young age. The sooner your child begins to work on the language, the better. In fact, the most important factor for your children is the interest and encouragement you show them, no matter what their age is.

Here are some tips on how to improve your child’s English at home:

  • Learn together

If you want your child to develop a positive attitude toward learning English, the best place to start is in your home. You can spend hours each day learning together through conversations, questions, and games. This is an excellent way to help them create a positive attitude and keep them motivated to learn.

By learning along with your kids, you can show them that making mistakes is the best way to improve spelling and grammar.

  • Play with them

Children often learn something without adult supervision or intervention. They also do playful experimentation, and they often learn things by making mistakes. If you want to help your child learn grammar, you can use games like arrange the words in a sentence or pick the correct verb. This will develop their grammar and vocabulary in no time.

  • Let them read short stories

You can quickly get access to many stories on the internet, so you can download ebooks on your favourite device. Let your kids read bedtime stories or other stories with moral lessons. This is an excellent opportunity to sneak in some extra English time.

You can also let them read illustrated storybooks since these books are supported by visual clues and will develop your child’s language and vocabulary. The language in these books is repetitive, simple, and uses rhyme which makes them easier to understand and enjoy.

This will also widen your child’s vocabulary and allow them to ask questions about the character and plot.

  • Hire an English tutor

Another thing you can do for your kids is to hire an experienced English tutor. In fact, a tutor can help your child’s progress at a much faster pace because they can tailor their lessons based on your child’s learning needs.

Most importantly, they will teach your child in the comfort of your own home. This means that your child may be more relaxed and focus on the lessons as they learn one-on-one in their familiar territory.