Teaching Grammar Effectively

In 2014, The English National Curriculum encouraged educators to teach grammar because it is a crucial part of the language. It gives us more conscious control and choice in our writings. In fact, young writers and readers need to understand how language is organised so they can use it more effectively. So, whether they are developing oral or written communication, it is essential to learn grammar.

How can grammar be taught effectively?

When children reach preschool, it is expected that they understand the concepts and rules of grammar. Then, as they move through grade school, they should be able to select the appropriate grammar and vocabulary. This will also give them the capability to understand how such choices can enhance or change the meaning of their writing.

To support and enhance children’s learning, teachers and tutors must provide a tool to help them understand effective writing. In fact, when they are writing, you teachers should help students understand what tone the piece should be written in and what grammatical features should not or should be included in their piece.

Use authentic texts and provide authentic examples

When teaching children to write effectively, we must provide them with authentic examples from known authors or writers. That is why it is vital to expose them to high-quality texts with rich grammatical rules, language, and sentence structure since this will enable them to apply these independently in their own writing. English teachers and tutors must plan ahead on what content they should provide their students; it must have rich reading experiences linked to specific language goals.

Use grammatical terms but provide ample examples

It is true that children must know and understand various grammatical concepts, and they must identify features such as verbs, nouns, and simple sentences. But practical and functional grammar goes beyond words within a sentence. Students must also understand where, why, and in what order these concepts are and use them correctly within their own writing.

Teachers and tutors need to understand the importance of teaching children how to design their writing effectively by making deliberate language choices. This means students must have some experience in exploring texts, and determine the concepts inside those texts. They should also be able to use the techniques and features found in those texts and apply them to their own pieces.

Overall, as language educators, we must support our students in preparing and plan the grammar they will use. In addition, they must develop their writing skills by making deliberate choices within the language. Therefore, children need to be given a chance to explore their options to collect words, increase their vocabulary, and learn how to order their sentences and scale them.

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