How to Prepare for The Beginning of Year 12

school start

Year 12 can be daunting for students as they approach the end of their schooling career. Decisions about next steps need to be made, friendships may be strained and celebrations, as well as disappointments are imminent. Units three and four subjects are more challenging, and both internal and external assessments carry more weight.

Year 12 students must be prepared and learn how to work out their life-work balance. This may mean learning and practicing effective studying techniques. For example, you might find studying more often for a short period of time might work better for you, or you might want to set aside a whole morning to hit the books.

Just remember, not everyone is programmed the same way and it is important to experiment with different techniques to learn what works for you.

What to do in the holidays to prepare for your return to school

While you take a break over the holidays, it is important to get adequate rest to prepare for your return to school. Many students who over-extend themselves with parties and other strenuous activities, find it difficult to engage upon their return to school.

It is a must to complete all your assigned holiday homework and keep everything updated. Starting the year behind could have significant negative implications. You may lose motivation and find it difficult to understand subsequent concepts, while also struggling to catch up on the incomplete work.

Another important tip is to gather all the required resources such as books and stationery that you need to prepare for school, as well as when you return.

Get organised and use checklist

Checklists are important tools to keep you organised, so it is advisable to set up a timetable during the holidays to keep track of your activities and goals. This may assist in balancing the time you need for your holiday homework and the time spared for other activities.

You can also gauge your strengths and weaknesses through your checklists because you can see what tasks you left behind and make judgements about the reasons for incomplete work.  A checklist can also give you a sense of accomplishment as you progress through the weeks before the opening of school.

In fact, there’s nothing like checking off an important task on your list to give you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for the small achievements

After finishing an important task like your holiday homework, you should reward yourself and do something for fun – whatever that might be for you. Your wellbeing is crucial during the holidays. It is essential to take care of yourself by eating nutritious food, resting, and engaging in exercise.

You may also want to take breaks as you work through your homework. For example, you could chill out for half an hour by listening to your favourite tunes before returning to your task.

Overall, your 2021 school year is likely to be full of fun, hard work and personal growth. Our advice is to embrace your strengths, make time to improve in areas of need, and take care of yourself physically and emotionally. If you are looking for academic advice, improving your study skills and working consistently are our best tips. And if you think you might need a tutor, find out how to find someone who will meet your needs.

Good luck with your final year of school!