Why Flashcard Apps Are Useful When Studying English

Modern technology has provided us with useful tools that makes our lives easier. Thanks to those savvy programmers and creative people who developed apps that are devised for educational purposes, students can better prepare for math and English exams. One useful area of app belongs to the use of flashcards. But apps and flashcards are not the only way to study, here are some more useful ideas.

Flashcards have been around for the best part of a century and it’s an invaluable tool for studying. In fact, it has been used by students of all ages including those at primary schools.

Here are several reasons why flashcards apps can be useful when studying English.

  1. On their own, flashcard apps can help you memorise a word. However, they should be used in combination with other study methods to make it more effective.
  2. Flashcard apps will include a whole sentence feature, so you can see how the words are used in a complete sentence.
  3. These apps will also have a built-in audio, this will enable you to hear how the word is spoken.
  4. It may also include an image or picture for remembering a word, or a rhyme that sounds like the word you’re studying.
  • Flashcard apps can now be customised to your liking

A few decades ago, flashcards were drawn, written or graphed out pieces of information usually put unto papers and cards. However, with the evolution of digital technology, flashcards have no size and shape limitations, and the users can even customise the look and feel of their flashcards.

You can even optimise the font colour, scroll bars, screen rotation, and even background to make your flashcard more attractive.

  • It can be used to enhance your study sessions

Flashcards apps are mainly created as a spaced repetition software, which means it can ultimately cut down the amount of study time you need. In fact, these apps can calculate your responses against the number of cards available. So, cards that are easily remembered are pushed at the back, while harder cards are often shown to test you.

Although you can change the difficulty settings and the rate of harder cards to appear, so this can customise your study sessions. A good example are vocabulary trainer flashcards that provides you the option to choose the difficulty of words you’re studying. Each card is also rated 1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest to remember. 

  • Keep a record of your learning

We all know before that physical flashcards were a great way to learn bite size information via rote learning practice. However, an app can easily track your learning and will even keep a record of your previous scores. It is essential to know which part you’re struggling with so you can address these areas and be much prepared for test day.

Overall, flashcard apps can be an incredibly useful tool for English learners, but you still need to reinforce the learning of your child by hiring a qualified English Tutor in Melbourne. A good tutor can even use these flashcard apps as a way to solidify concepts and improve the English competency of their students.