What is Grammar for Kids?

english grammar

For English teachers and tutors, grammar is considered a collection of rules on how the language should be used in various mediums. These rules provide the laws for good writing and speaking. So, the significant part of this language is understanding how effectively leverage the words and sentences in both written and oral communication.

In fact, grammar contains lessons and guidance on how the vocabulary should be used properly. Therefore, children learn grammar rules just before they reach the age of four because their parents are already teaching them the basics of this language. Thus, by age five up to six, they are already fluent and they can effectively express themselves using the English language.

How to make grammar fun and interesting for kids?

As parents, we should find a way to make the English language interesting and maybe even fun for our kids. Learning grammar is essential because this will help our children develop their communication skills. However, the more children learn basic grammar, the more they will remember what they have learned.

Here are ways to make things more interesting for your kids:

Introduce them to crossword puzzles

There are various words puzzles that you can use to encourage your child to practice and understand the different parts of the sentence. For example, many children would love to answer crossword puzzles that provide clues like “the past tense of fun” or “what is the antonym of happy.” Puzzles can be used for a fun and friendly competitions between your children.

Pretend games

You can pick a part of speech for this game and make your children play their favourite superhero. They will then form a circle and move a tiny ball from one individual to the next, but they must say a category-appropriate phrase for that part of speech.

Celebrity biographies

Your child may have an idol or a celebrity that they adore. So, find a biography of that celebrity and let your child read it to you. While reading, you can point out to them the different parts of the sentence.

You can also let them name the verbs and nouns being used in that biography. This exercise will definitely help your child see how grammar can influence the meaning of the words and even alter the story they are reading.

Overall, grammar is an essential part of the English language, and motivating your child to learn and master it is a must. You can even incorporate the ideas listed above to make grammar more engaging ang memorable to your child.