What Do English Tutors Charge?

english tutor

The cost of hiring an English tutor can vary depending on the skill level of the tutor. A tutor with a basic understanding of the English language will cost much less than a tutor who has studied English education at university or who has teaching experience.

So how much should you pay a tutor per hour? There are a variety of factors influencing this, like the tutor’s expertise and education level. Here is a list of different types of tutors and what they are likely to charge:

  • High school students – $20-$30 per hour

High school students are often interested in earning some money while they work towards attaining their VCE, so they choose to tutor primary and lower-level secondary students during their free time. They have some knowledge about grammar rules and principles they have learned from school. They may offer some help, with some understanding of the curriculum and likely assessments, but your child may continue to struggle. This is because high school students do not have knowledge of teaching techniques and lesson structure, and are therefore likely to skip key points or leave gaps in your child’s knowledge.

  • University students not studying education – $25-$50 per hour

University undergraduates have recently completed high school, and may have gained excellent results in English, as well as other subjects. However, just because someone is good at a subject, it does not mean they will be able to teach the concepts to others. In fact, sometimes people who are naturally gifted find it difficult to break down and explain what they believe are simple concepts.

  • Undergraduate teachers (students studying to become teachers)- $30-70 per hour

As above, these tutors are undergraduate students at university. However, as they are studying to become teachers, they are likely to be passionate about education. Undergraduate teachers are learning a variety of teaching techniques and trailing them during placements in schools. They have an extensive knowledge of the curriculum in there chosen subject areas and are naturally relatable with both children and parents.  Education students have also recently completed VCE, so they have a comprehensive understanding of the VCE and Victorian Curriculum.

  • Qualified teachers- $60- 80 per hour

These are accredited and qualified English teachers who have completed their undergraduate training. They have extensive teacher training, and they are experienced in implementing and teaching English to individuals, small groups and entire classes.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers- $70- 100 per hour

These tutors have completed their Bachelor of Education with English as a method, which gives them the qualification and experience to teach English. They have also taught English in various schools using different teaching methods. This experience allows them to develop more ideas about general misconceptions that students have and how to overcome them.

  • Qualified and experienced specialised teachers – up to $150 per hour

These are specialist teachers who also completed their Bachelor of Education and have completed their teaching practicum and higher education training. They are the most effective tutor since they have had experience teaching the exact topics, principles, and concepts you require. Some specialist teachers are required to support students with a disability. In this case, a specialist tutor would be one who has had additional training to support children with the specific disability that your child has.

If you are looking for good English tuition in Melbourne who is likely to help your child improve their confidence, enjoyment, and results in English, we recommend that you choose an undergraduate teacher or a fully qualified and accredited teacher. Experience as a teacher and/or tutor is another bonus to look out for.