Why English is The Most Important Subject

The skills, knowledge and understandings taught in English are the most valuable and useful for our children in their daily lives. In fact, it is becoming more and more important for people all around the world to learn English to communicate effectively with English speaking nations. A person who cannot communicate effectively in English limits their social, academic and career potential.

Basic English concepts refer to sentence structure and parts of speech, including pronouns, verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, and prepositions. After leaning these basic concepts, children have a strong foundation that can help develop their written and spoken English. 

How English is used in personal life

English plays a significant role in our personal life since we use it as a medium for exchanging thoughts and ideas with many people around us.

When we are reading, writing, or speaking, we use our language contextually throughout the day. Whether you are researching new ideas, reading articles or books, applying for jobs, or communicating with friends, you are using thousands of different words, styles, and concepts within the English language.

English teaches us to differentiate between an opinion, an educated opinion, a theory, and a fact, therefore allowing us to form our own judgements and opinions. With this knowledge, as well as an understanding of persuasive language techniques, we can critically analyse articles for bias and form our own perspectives on the issue presented.

The importance of English in your other subjects

All subjects in school including science and mathematics are taught in English. Complex worded questions integrate difficult English words and rules with Maths and Science. It is also important to be able to research different concepts in History and Science and prepare a well-structured, well worded written report.

How English is used on the job

English is vital for getting a good job in any company. It all begins by preparing a well-structured resume with appropriate formal language. An interview will then require applicants to be articulate with a well-rounded vocabulary, particularly within areas specific to the role available.  Once you begin working, it is essential to form effective professional relationships with your colleagues and clients using effective English communication through face-to-face encounters, over the phone and via emails and texts.

Higher education and the importance of English communication

During studies at university, students’ understanding of English becomes even more important. Students are required to interpret and paraphrase complex scholarly articles, provide accurate references, and summarise their findings after investigating theories. Many assessments require students to submit essays or reports exceeding 2000 words, so a concise understanding of sentence structure, grammar, and a vast vocabulary are important.

Students are often required to work in groups, so communication via spoken English, as well as understanding others is incredibly important. Students must be able to deliver their ideas clearly, listen to and understand others, and offer constructive feedback to other group members.

Concentration and effort are incredibly important during every English lesson to ensure you have the necessary skills to succeed at school, in life and at work. If you think your child needs English Help, check out this article