Fun Ways to Teach Parts of Speech


Many children will begin to learn the parts of speech at a very young age without even realising it. In fact, they will soon learn to identify the parts of speech. As parents, we need to provide them with hands-on and active lessons to engage them since that will be good for memory retention.

Here are some fun activities to teach your kids the parts of speech.

Colourful copy work grammar

For this game, you will let your child copy down a few sentences and let them underline the different parts of speech using different colours. They can also write the words of the sentence in a different colour.

Ping pong grammar

Try writing words using black permanent marker on ping pong balls, and put them on buckets or paper bags. You should also mark each paper bag or bucket with one of the parts of speech, then let the children stand across from the buckets and the ping pong ball into the bag that correlates with the word written on the ball.

Parts of speech charades

This will game require you to write down a series of words, sentences using nouns, adjectives, and verbs on a piece of an index card. Place the cards inside a bag or hat, then let your kids draw a card and read them. After reading the words on the card, they must act out what they read.

Parts of speech scavenger hunt

This is a fun game since you and your child will read a book together, but you need to let them pick out as many parts of speech as possible. You can mix things up by asking them which are the verbs ending in “ing,” nouns that begin with the letter “s,” or adjectives that are colours.

Grammar ball

Sit in a circle with your children and name one of the parts of speech. The person who holds the ball will need to say a word that correlates with the parts of speech you have mentioned. After picking a word, the player will then roll the ball to the next person in the circle. If someone can no longer think of a word, you will need to start again with a new category.

These are just some of the fun games you can use to effectively teach the parts of speech at home or if your child has spare time after school.